Friday, July 17, 2009


Today we were out at the pixar studios in emeryville for there anual motorrama car show. Its invite only so there wasn't allot of cars there. The boss was one of the few who got invited, so we cleaned up the roadster last night and took it over there today. This place is bad ass the inside is amazing they have 3 big screening theaters This is the front gate into pixar studiosCamera crew checkin out the boss's roadster
Lightning McQueen's pit crew(from cars the movie)
Mike and Sulley from the movie monsters inc
2010 Audi cars dope
Concept car that Jay Leno is helping with

Nice 40 merc convertable all original lowered in the back
Chip foose showed up in his airplane inspired hot rod he seen the boss's car and decided to copy him

Might be the worlds fastest snail

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The baddest paint jobs ever. i wouldnt want any other style they have been around for years. but patterns and lace is not jus for lowriders lately they have been coming back tough jus like everything else that was around in the 70's tru's, color bars,5.20's...
Big Watch's laced 54 done by Rod Powell
59 impala drop from san jose

lifestyle 63

patterned out nova

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So this weekend was perty long wit 4th of july and goin down south so here is how it all went

Friday went to go see ice age 3 ya a movie for ninios but ill never grow up haha
Saturday 4th of july went to sea cliff beach took a minute to get there didnt help gettin directions from some one that pointed in 2 different directions

Sunday drove down to santa moncia never have gone down south and not go to a car show hmm weird

Walked thru downtown grandpa got a lil tired cuzzin Jovan & Tino helped him out ya and thats Big Watch

Monday walkin thru the parkin lot seen a bad ass rolls-royce

Ended up at the Angels stadium to watch them play against the Rangers 7pm infront of the park fitted hats for a supper dome

My tio got our tickets leave it up to him to get the worst tickets highest row in the stadium "TOP ROW" got a nose bleed.

Tuesday headed back home i was drivin while big watch was crashed. and happen to pass my cuz cuz juans exit (Panoche rd) HAHA