Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long Day!

This friday we decided to head down south to San Diego.we left salinas at 7 and got to san diego at 3am. our friend joe was having a shop party in Chula Vista. from there we went to L.A for a grand opening of for a tattoo shop. after that we went to Anaheim for a cruise night around 11 we started to head back home and got back at 4am wat a good day.

the x-man's 61 impala convertable the cars first time out really nice car
X-man was reppin salinas in san diego
a nice 59 impala at J&V's shop party
5th and Broadway the Tribal store in san diego
we had to buy some new tribal gear

lowrider tattoo'S grand opening a skateboard that was sittin on a table
picture of a truck on the wall
another picture of a fleetline on the wall
the cruise we went to there was a bunch of nice rides. think only in L.A will you see cars out on a december night